Colour of the Sky Album Artwork by Nearski

Colour of the Sky

Band :
Title : Colour of the Sky
Release Date : July 25, 2019
Label :
Catalog ref. : ZSY001
Format : CD

In’ovative’s debut album, Colour of the Sky is available for pre-order now!

The album consists of an eclectic selection of hiphop music taking you on a journey through the different energies felt every day.

Each track really shows the diversity of how In’ovative works and a little insight into his mind with both the double time, complex flows and smooth captivating melodic tones.

We appreciate your support and are grateful for the investment made into the time spent creating this masterpiece.

Don’t forget to pre-save Colour of the Sky on your chosen streaming service, link here >

“In’ovative is rapper for the writers, and the listeners. The UK hip hop don has just dropped his debut album Colour of the Sky through his own label, ZenSay, which promotes “Thought provoking hip hop”.

Packed with fifteen tracks of pure fire, this release proves that In’ovative is not like every other rapper. He has an ever-changing flow, a melodic skill and worldly wisdom. On anti-war anthem ‘WWK’, In’ovative asks “Why we killing all these people for money?”, posing some poignant questions to those tuning in. His beats range from eerie to cinematic, and from jazzy to brilliantly peculiar. With dope features from Lazy Eyez and Dvine, as well as credits from the likes of Blah Records‘ Reklews, Colour of the Sky is a solid project from intro to outro.”

(Write up from Blatantly Blunt)


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